RGB Addressable LED Strip (APA102) White PCB - 60 pixels per meter - 5m reel

Code: WTP-APA102-RGB-60LED-W
Barcode: 813747020787
RGB Addressable LED Strip (APA102) White PCB - 60 pixels per meter - 5m reel



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Shine bright with these powerful, fully addressable, APA102 LEDs strips! Dotstar's Compatible!
  • Overview
  • Tech Specs
  • This RGB LED strip is based on APA102. It uses a 2-wire SPI, and it's optimised for POV (Persistence-of-VIsion) application thanks to its high PWM refresh rates.

    To control this LED strip, and its bright pixels, you will need two pins: one for sending data (in and out). Differently from the SK6812 RGBW strip you will in fact need one clock pin and one data pin. These efficient pixels can receive data up to 32MHz clock rate!

    The strip is made out of bare white flexible PCB, and it doesn't have any weatherproof enclosure. These strips come in 5 meters-long reels with a 4-pin connector soldered on each end, alternatively you can connect multiple strips together, according to your needs. You can easily cut the strip with scissors or wire cutters along the cut-lines every 1 LED.

    We offer 3 different LED strips options:

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    You must use a 5V DC power supply to power these strips, do not use a voltage higher than 6V or you can permanently damage the entire strip!

    These strips are compatible with Adafruit's Dotstar's library.

  • APA102 60 LED/m :

    • DC 5V   18W/m
    • IC type: APA102
    • LED chip type: 5050SMD
    • Operation temperature: -40 - 85 degrees Celsius
    • Storage temperature: -40 - 85 degrees Celsius
    • PCB width: 12mm
    • PCB Colour: White
    • Weatherproof: Yes